Support: Joining tiko power

The installation

What will happen during the installation and how to prepare for it

  • What will happen during the installation?

    A certified installer will come to your home with 2 boxes. He will install the K-Box directly on your electric control panel, and plug the M-Box in a room with 3G coverage.

    The installation will take a few hours, and a power cut might occur, so you need to make sure to be prepared for it.

  • How can I prepare my installation?

    You, or somebody you asked to represent you, will need to be present at the address of the installation. The installation will take a few hours (on average, it takes 2 hours), so the person present needs to plan ahead to have time to stay.

    Please make sure the heating systems are accessible (for example, if you use the room as a storage room, make sure to clear it before), this will help a lot. You will also need a free socket in a room with mobile or fixed internet connectivity, and space to install the meter with integrated switch (K-Box) in or next to your electricity panel.

    Since a power cut can occur, you should prepare for it: during this time you won't be able to charge your computer, watch TV, iron or cook.

  • What are the technical requirements for the installation?

    For your installation you need:

    • space to install the meter with integrated switch (K-Box) in or next to your electricity panel
    • a wall socket where you have a minimum of mobile connection for connecting the communication module (M-Box)

    Please be aware, that during the installation the electricity supply of your house will be blocked.

  • How does tiko remotely control my heating system?

    For every connected electrical device there will be a meter with an integrated switch installed (K-Box). This switch communicates via your existing in-home electricity network with the communication module (M-Box). The module is connected over a private mobile network with the tiko platform.

If you need help, we would be glad to assist you

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