We manage residential loads in real-time

tiko has been managing tens of thousands of residential loads to provide ancillary services to the european grid since 2012.

We connect prosumers to a unique network to deliver energy management, smart-solar and micro-grid management. We analyse per-second information across the network to provide tailored solutions to energy industry actors and behind the meter value through the tiko app.

Innovate and create new business models...


tiko focuses on delivering added value and benefits to various actors of the energy industry such as utilities, grids and manufacturers, offering them opportunities to innovate and create new business models. tiko partners benefit from ancillary services, peak shaving and DER along with extensive data insight to increase revenue and customer engagement.

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Ancillary servicesAncillary services
Peak shavingPeak shaving
New business modelsNew business models
Data insightData insight
Customer engagementCustomer engagement

... leveraging prosumers by offering them an innovative energy management system

With our advanced hardware (integrated smart meter and switches), and ready to use APIs, you will unlock prosumer potential while delivering behind-the-meter benefits including consumption/production insights, energy savings, and alarming.

SaveEnergy savings
ComfortComfort guarantee
OptimizationSelf-consumption optimization
Promoting renewable energiesContribution to promoting renewable energies and financial rewards
tiko app

is unique

We go deep

100% of the solution is designed in-house in Switzerland: hardware, software, backend, interfaces. Our extensive know-how and full ownership enable us to offer tailor made solutions.

We created a brain

Our unique algorithm, developed by our team, learns every day from the residential devices it's controlling in real time. 3 years of per second collected data from tens of thousands of devices are feeding our artificial intelligence and enabling us to offer profitable solutions to our partners.

We are universal

Our partners are utilities and device manufacturers. All find in tiko the perfect solution to reach their goals as we adapt to serve their ambition with short time to market.

We are industrial-grade – not only on paper

Tens of thousands of prosumers' devices are already connected to the tiko network, which has been delivering ancillary services to the Swiss Grid since 2012. We are also providing services to partners across Europe.

Our partners say:

"Our vision at sonnen is to provide our customers with clean and affordable energy. With Swisscom Energy Solution we leverage the sonnenBatterie’s contribution to a decentralised energy supply based on the idea of Blockchain. This enables us to create added value for our customers." Benjamin Schott, Director of Business Development, Sonnen
"Our customers are impressed by the tiko solutions. For EKS, tiko offered a significant step forward in customer engagement. By using tiko, EKS gained an innovative and eco-friendly company image in the public opinion." Daniel Clauss, Head of Sales and Distribution, EKS
"As a major supplier of heat pumps in Switzerland, we are constantly looking for ways to differentiate ourselves and to increase customer loyalty. tiko Energy Solutions is the ideal partner for us to reach those goals and prepare for the future." Martin Schanz, Segment Manager, Tobler


Winner: Swiss Enterprise Award 2017 - Leading Experts in Energy Management Solutions
Winner: Energy Management Award – European Utility Week 2016
Top 100 Start-ups 2018 - Global Energy Transition (GET) 100
Finalist: Charge Energy Branding Award 2017
Finalist: Global Energy Award 2017
Finalist: Energy App Award 2017
Top 100 Start-ups 2017 - Global Energy Transition (GET) 100
Finalist: Energy Revolution Award – European Utility Week 2016

Trusted by leading energy companies

Let's talk

At tiko, we are building strong relationships based on trust and cooperation with our partners. We can design the perfect solution for you and with you by understanding your needs, ambitions, specificities and the requirements of your market.

We are looking forward to meeting you and to providing the solution that will bring you to next chapter of your story of the digitalization of energy. Email us at tikopro@tiko.ch