Support: Joining tiko power

Your contribution to the tiko network

What it means for you, how it works and what happens after your connection to the network

  • Why do we need the tiko network?

    We need more and more energy every day. Producing all this energy without destroying our planet is one of the biggest challenges of our time. This is where renewables come into play. Sunlight and wind are naturally abundant and provide an endless source of energy. But they're also dependent on weather conditions. If a cloud passes overhead, the energy production of solar panels drops. The increased share of renewables in the energy supply, along with a few other factors, has a huge impact on the coordination of production and consumption. Both need to be in balance to secure our energy supply. That’s what the tiko network does.

  • How does the tiko network works?

    The tiko power network uses what so many of us already have at home: an electrical heating system and a boiler. These systems heat up and then stop as soon as the desired temperature is reached. Because the temperature inside our heating systems change slowly, they are basically energy storage devices. By adjusting the heating cycle of each connected device we can build a huge storage network that reacts intelligently to fluctuations. If production drops suddenly some heating systems will slightly shift their heating cycle, and then begin heating again when full production resumes. Of course, this has no impact on the comfort of the inhabitants. In fact, you won't even notice it. You'll be helping to support our energy future, and enjoy other benefits like saving money, gaining insight into your electricity consumption, and improving the reliability of your heating system.

  • I want to contribute to the network during 3 years to benefit from a special price, what does it mean?

    It means that during at least 3 years you heating system will be connected to the tiko network, like thousands of others in Swiss homes, and contribute to stabilizing the tiko network. The heating cycles of your heating devices will slightly be adjusted to compensate the fluctuations of the Swiss electrical network. During those 3 years you can’t unplug your equipment, and in exchange receive a 3 years warranty, inlcuding maintenance and assistance.

  • If I want to resign before the 3 years, what will happen?

    With tiko power, you are free to leave whenever you want. If you want to stop contributing, you can either just stop the contribution or totally close your account. As you receive a big discount on the tiko power solution and equipment upon purchase, if you terminate your contribution before the end of the agreed 3 years period, you will receive an invoice, representing the difference between the normal tiko power price and the special offer you benefited from according to the initial 3-year period pro-rata temporis, as per tiko General Terms and Conditions. It means that if you resignate after 1 year, you will be billed 2/3 of the price difference between the prices with and without contribution.

  • Will I be informed of my contribution to the tiko network?

    Of course. You will be able to easily see how often you contribute in your Member space and in the tiko app: in the graph area, a little blue dot is signaling on which days you contributed to the network. Want more details? Simply zoom in on a given day and the blue dots will indicate you when during that day you contributed to the network.

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