Support: tiko power and my equipment

How it works

More information on tiko power's functioning

  • How does my equipment interact with the electricity network?

    The adjustment of your heating cycle is freeing up capacity which can be used to balance fluctuations in the electricity network. This capacity can be offered to Swissgrid, who is responsible to keep the network in balance. This means that the electricity is not lost or just gone, instead the demand is shifted in time.

  • How does tiko remotely control my heating system?

    For every connected electrical device there will be a meter with an integrated remote control installed (K-Box). This remote control communicates via your existing in-home electricity network with the communication module (M-Box). The module is connected over a private network with the tiko platform.

  • How does the M-Box connect to the tiko network?

    The M-Box communicates with the tiko network thanks to a 2G/3G or a fixed line internet connection. In either case, the M-Box will communicate safely with the tiko network.

  • My M-Box is connected using mobile internet. Is this connection secure?

    Yes. The M-Box uses an encrypted data transmission method which maximizes the protection of your information.

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