Support: Choosing tiko storage

What you need to buy tiko storage

  • Which are the pre-requisite to tiko storage?

    You simply need to have a compatible equipment (PV system), a fixed line internet or mobile (Edge/3G/4G) connectivity and to take an appointment with one of our installers. He will then visit you to analyse your current installation and make a recommendation on the tiko storage offer that will fit you best, along with a quotation. If you do not have a PV system, he will recommend one.

  • Can I buy tiko storage if I do not have a PV system?

    tiko storage is a system including a battery, which solely works with a PV system. If you don't have one already, our installer will issue a quotation for a PV-system., additionally to you tiko storage offer.

  • Do I have to be a Swisscom customer to join tiko?

    No, you can join tiko independently from your home or mobile telecommunications provider.

  • Is my equipment compatible ?

    tiko storage is compatible with any photovoltaic system. Our installer will visit your home to analyse your existing installation and issue a tiko storage offer recommendation.

  • I don't have a fixed line internet at home. Can I join anyway?

    Yes. In this case, your M-Box will be connected via 3G, thanks to its embedded SIM-Card.

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