Support: Choosing tiko storage

The installation

  • What's going to happen once I requested an appointment with an installer?

    After choosing your battery, you will be offered to book a free advisory appointment with one of our installers. He will assess your existing installation, recommend a PV system if you need one, and confirm or adapt your choice of battery. Together, you’ll order your tiko storage solution and decide of an installation date. On the fixed date, your installer will bring your battery and tiko equipment and install everything. Once installed and as long as you contribute to the tiko network, you’ll receive your financial reward for your contribution.

  • What will happen during the installation?

    A certified installer will come to your home with your battery and tiko equipment. He will install your battery, then install the K-Boxes directly on your electric control panel, and plug the M-Box in a room with the required connectivity (Fixed line internet cable - or Edge, 3G, 4G) . The installation will take a few hours, and a power cut will occur, so you need to make sure to be prepared for it.

  • How can I prepare my installation?

    You, or somebody you asked to represent you to, will need to be present at the address of the installation. The installation will take a few hours, so the person present needs to plan ahead to have time to stay. Please make sure the heating systems, electrical panel and the room where to wish to place the battery are accessible (for example, if you use the room as a storage room, make sure to clear it before), this will help a lot. You will also need a free socket in a room with the required connectivity (Fixed line internet cable - or Edge, 3G, 4G at the condition you chose the Mobile option) , and space to install the meter with integrated switch (K-Box) in or next to your electricity panel. Since a power cut can occur, you should prepare for it : during this time you won't be able to charge your computer, watch TV, iron or cook.

  • How does tiko remotely control my photovoltaic system and my battery?

    The M-Box will communicate with our systems through a secured connection, and will direct the installed meter with an integrated switches (K-Box) installed. The M-Box and the K-Box will communicate to each other through your home's existing power lines.

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