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The sonnen battery technology

  • How often can I charge my sonnen battery?

    The sonnen battery has a guaranteed lifespan of 10'000 charging cycles. This means that your battery can be charged and discharged over 10'000 times, which is above the normal household usage during 20 years

  • What is the difference with battery cells for electric cars?

    The battery cells for electric cars require a light cell chemistry with the objective to pack as much energy as possible and reduce weight. Active electricity-intensive water-cooling systems are used to reduce the heating of automotive cells, which are additionally noisy. This is not the case with the sonnen battery: the lithium-iron phosphate cells do not have to be cooled for being safe and clean.

  • What are the performance and capacity of the sonnen battery?

    Each customer is unique. Therefore, it is important for tiko to individually assess the requirements of each customer: the very reason why tiko offers you a free personalized advisory appointment with one of our installers.

    The range of sonnen batteries starts with a capacity of 2 kWh, which would suit the needs of a small household, and then goes modularly up to 16 kWh, in steps of 2 kWh. This allows us to offer the ideal storage size to each of our tiko storage customer according to their specific needs and installation requirements.

  • Which environmental conditions do I need to consider when installing a sonnen battery?

    The sonnen battery should be in a safe area. Ideally, the storeroom, the cellar, or the entrance are suitable locations. There are also customers who chose to install their sonnen battery in their living room. Additionally, the sonnen battery can also be installed in a well-insulated garage. Environmental temperature should stay between 5 °C and 30 °C.

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