Support: The sonnen battery


  • Which warranties are provided?

    sonnen GmbH guarantees its batteries for 10 years or 10'000 cycles whichever comes first.

  • How eco-friendly is a sonnen battery?

    The environmental eco-compatibility of batteries is extremely important to us and has guided our choice of the sonnen battery for tiko storage. Indeed, sonnen GmbH has invested significant resources to develop an eco-friendly battery technology. Cathodes and anodes of a battery are often made of nickel, cobalt, or lead, which are toxic heavy metals. This is not the case with the sonnen batteries. Moreover, sonnen does not use materials coming from regions under conflict, thus ensuring you can use your battery with complete peace of mind.

  • Is the battery technology used by sonnen safe?

    The safety of the batteries included in our tiko storage offer stands at the top of our concerns. The sonnen batteries use a technology based on lithium-iron phosphate, the safest technology available on the market.

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