Support: The sonnen battery

Using the sonnen battery

  • How can I manage my sonnen battery?

    When choosing tiko storage, you’ll benefit from two complementary interfaces: your tiko Member Space, and the sonnen energy manager.

    The sonnen energy manager is the sonnen interface, in German only, allowing you to track your battery behavior on the web or in the sonnen app with a 2-hour resolution. Additionally, you can always connect your own electrical devices at any time. If enough electricity is produced, you can connect, for example, an electric car or a washing machine.

    In your tiko Member Space, you will find all relevant information on your account and parameters, useful functionalities like all data in one chart with daily visualization with a 5-min resolution, and also weekly, monthly, and yearly visualization. In addition, you will benefit from useful ratios such as your self-produced vs network-bought energy consumption and the share of your production that you used for your own consumption vs what you sold to the network. If you have more than one tiko product, you will be able to find all their functionalities in your tiko Member Space to manage them easily from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • If my needs change, can I expand my battery capacity after some years?

    The sonnen batteries offer the advantage of being modular. Depending on the changes in your needs, the storage capacity can be expanded at any time in steps of 2 kWh up to 16 kWh.

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