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Impact on your equipment

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  • How can tiko affect my equipment?

    tiko Energy Solutions is working on optimizing tiko steering mechanism in cooperation with experienced experts like heat pump manufacturers and universities. Studies on the influence of tiko on the efficiency and life cycle of heat pumps have brought the following results:

    1. A change of the operating cycles of a heat pump affects the efficiency and life cycle of the system positively or negatively. Nature and extent of influence depend greatly on the type of system.
    2. The influence of the cycle duration on the efficiency is quite low in general. Studies show that a very strong reduction of the cycle duration can improve the coefficient of performance of only a single figure percentage.
    3. The efficiency of brine-water heat pumps will increase slightly if cycles are interrupted.
    4. Regarding the impact of the cycles duration on the life cycle, relevant studies recommend not to go over 5 cycles per hour. This recommendation is automatically respected thanks to a fix start-up delay which is embedded into our steering mechanism.

    The results of the analyzes show that the tiko steering mechanism has practically no impact on the efficiency and life cycle of a heat pump.

  • Will existing installations on the electricity network be disturbed?

    The necessary data transfer for the communication of the tiko solutions is very low. Existing solutions should normally not be influenced. If you have difficulties please contact us at

  • Will the adjustment of its cycle have any impact on my heating system and who is liable in case of damages?

    For every heating system there is a dedicated interface for the electricity company to control the device (e.g. ripple control). We are using the same entrance and the same processes for the tiko solution. For damages it needs to be proven that they are caused by the tiko solution. You can find more information in the AGB's.

  • What is the electricity consumption of the installed system?

    Today the installed devices use approximately 6W and we are working on reducing it.

  • If tiko uses my fixed line internet connection, can it affect my other internet activities?

    No. Since the volume of encrypted data the M-Box will send and receive is very low, this won't affect your usual internet comfort at all.

  • Are the solutions of tiko and myStrom interoperable?

    Yes, both solutions can run in parallel but the systems function separately from each other. You will need to have a customer account with tiko and a customer account with MyStrom.

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