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tiko power functionalities

More details on the Eco Mode, Alarming, and Consumption graphics

  • What are the lights indicating on the M-Box?

    The M-Box has 4 lights on its front facade, which can be green, orange or red. The first light indicates that the system is running, the second that the M-Box is connected to the K-Box, the third the M-Box connection to the mobile or fixed internet, and the forth its connection to the tiko network. When operating normally, all lights are green.

  • When can I use the Eco Mode functionality?

    You will be able to use the Eco Mode functionality approximately 8 weeks after your installation is done. This is necessary to follow the heating usage to be able to provide the best service for you.

  • What's the difference between Eco Mode and Eco Mode+ ?

    You can activate the Eco Mode or the Eco Mode+ during your absences. The Eco Mode will reduce the time during which your heating system functions by 40%. The Eco Mode+ enables you to reduce it by 60%. You can choose which mode you wish to activate when set the Eco Mode up in your Member Space or the tiko app.

  • How can I receive alarms?

    To receive alarms, you can simply activate them in your member space, and in the tiko app. Click on alarms, select the devices concerned, and if you prefer to be alerted by SMS, e-mail, or both.

  • With how much details can I monitor my consumption?

    You can monitor your consumption per month, week and day, as precisely as per a 5-minute interval.

  • Can I monitor my consumption per device?

    Yes, you can choose to visualize your consumption for each device connected to tiko power in great details.

  • Can I export my consumption data to Excel?

    Yes, by accessing your Member Space on your computer, you will be offered the possibility to export your data to Excel. This way you can aggregate it and follow its evolution the way you prefer.

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