We are tiko Energy Solutions!

The company

tiko Energy Solutions AG (formerly Swisscom Energy Solutions AG), was founded in September 2012, with Swisscom and Repower as main stakeholders. From 2014 to 2016, tiko Energy Solutions benefited from the support of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) as a Flagship Project for the smart network integration of electrical heating devices. In 2019, the French energy company ENGIE became tiko’s main stakeholder, supporting tiko to grow further on the international market.

tiko’s flexible and modular technology enables innovative solutions that allow consumers to gain insight and control over their energy consumption, while helping to stabilize the grid and thus to promote the integration of renewables in our energy supply. tiko is continuously developing new functionalities, and new participants join the tiko network every day, making it the largest real-time smart grid in Europe.

At tiko, we are motivated every day by the belief that our smart grid technology can and will help save our climate, and that its adoption will only happen through shared benefits between the utilities, manufacturers, grids and consumers. We want our grandchildren to enjoy snow in the mountains, watch polar bears at the north pole and visit the atolls of the Pacific. We believe that this change will be possible if we collectively change the way we consume energy.


The French energy company ENGIE is a leading player in the energy industry. ENGIE became tiko’s main shareholder in 2019 and supports tiko to grow further on the international market.


Swisscom is one of tiko’s shareholders. In addition to being the leading telecom provider in Switzerland and one of its foremost IT companies, Swisscom is also one the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and Europe.


With headquarters in Poschiavo, our joint-venture partner Repower is an ambitious energy company operating successfully in Switzerland and Europe.

Swissgrid AG

Swissgrid AG is the Swiss transmission network provider and is responsible for the control area Switzerland. Swissgrid AG needs capacities to balance fluctuations in the electricity grid. For the implementation of tiko, tiko Energy Solutions AG works closely together with Swissgrid AG.

Swiss Federal Office of Energy

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy has included the intelligent storage network of tiko Energy Solutions AG into its list of flagship projects. The trendsetting and innovative solution is an important element for implementing the energy strategy 2050.

Energy Schweiz

EnergieSchweiz is the Federal Bureau's Program in favor of energy efficiency and renewable energies.


myclimate is one of the world-wide leading providers of voluntary CO2 compensation. Together with myclimate it was shown that the provision of balanced energy by tiko is as eco-friendly as the provision of energy by other renewable resources.