App Support

Screen shot of app on iPhone Installing the app

The app offers you an easy interface to directly control your heating system while at home or away. This enables you to review and reduce your heating consumption through the use of Eco Mode or Eco Mode+.

participants can access and install the iOS app from iTunes or the Android app from Google play store.

Login screenLogin

Use the Login and Password you use to access the Member Space.

Dashboard Dashboard

On the landing screen of the app – your dashboard - you'll see today's consumption and the trend vs. yesterday, the Eco Modes, which you'll be able to activate for all your devices in just one click and the alarms. By scrolling down, you'll see the consumption of each device and your energy efficiency. Simply rotate your phone to access the graphs. On the upper part of the app, you'll find the temperature forecast for your home location.

Dashboard Eco Mode

To help you save more, and help you remember to activate your Eco Mode when you're away, you'll be able to change the Eco Mode for all your connected devices in one click, see when you next Eco Mode is planned and access the planning tool by clicking on the "Plan" button. The Home Mode, symbolized by a small house, will let all your devices to work normally, while the Trip Mode symbolized by a small plane will allow you to reduce their consumption in order to save energy while you're away -40% or -60%, you can choose.

To help you see how much energy you're saving by using the Trip Mode, the bars of your daily consumption in the graphs are coloured accordingly: navy blue if your devices were in Home Mode, and blue if they were in Trip Mode.


Rotate your phone to access the graphs in landscape mode. The graphs display the consumption per device plus additional information such as the Eco Modes you've been using and your contribution to the network symbolized by a blue dot.

If you have an issue accessing graphs where the app rotates back to the dashboard, please check that you have Screen Rotation Lock off (iPhone/iPad) or Screen Rotation enabled (Android).

You can also see a consumption total over any period of time. Just select the period you're interested in (tap and drag your finger on the time axis) to immediately obtain the total. It works for any period of time, as far back as your registration to the network.