Privacy and Cookie Policies

Privacy Statement

Protecting your privacy and in particular your personal data is very important to us. This document shows how we process the data we receive through our website and app. In order to allow you to order, receive or modify as many of our services as possible via the Internet, we also need to record your personal data. This is necessary if we are to constantly adapt and improve the services on offer in line with your needs.

Customer data

When you visit our website or app, we save various types of information. You enter some of the data yourself when you register for services, e.g. name, address. Other data not relating to your person are saved for the purpose of technical processes, e.g. IP addresses. You make other data known when you use certain services, when you order goods or services or when you contact us directly.


In some cases we use 'cookies'. A cookie is a small file that is sent from the web server to your Internet browser and saved in your computer. This enables us to recognize you the next time you visit us. Cookies and other such technical procedures are used to enable certain processes, services and transactions, e.g. if you use a virtual shopping basket in an electronic shopping center on the Internet. You can change the settings of your browser to either make a warning appear on the screen before a cookie is saved or to prevent cookies from being set. You are free to accept or reject the advantages of personal cookies. However, if you reject personal cookies certain services cannot be used.


Our website is subject to modifications at any time.

Cookie declaration